The Refuge

Refuge Property Owner Duties

The duties of being a Refuge property owner:
     As Refuge property owners, we ask everyone to recognize the interrelationships between ourselves, our neighbors, and our quality of life. For our community association to continue protecting, preserving, and enhancing the community’s assets and property values, each member must acknowledge their role and, at times, be willing to take on added responsibilities. We need everyone to take responsibility for themselves and contribute towards improving relationships within our community. This can be done through the following actions:

  1. Join us for our annual board meetings and vote.
  2. Sign up and participate on the Board of Directors or a community committee.
  3. Follow all the rules and regulations set forth in our covenants.
  4. Communicate with the board on any issues or questions that you may have.
  5. Get to know your neighbors.

     In addition to the above actions, we all must obey the governing documents that each owner agreed to when closing escrow. By following community rules and regulations, we are contributing and taking on the role of a rule-abiding member. Each year we conduct an annual meeting at which time we elect our Board of Directors, and although participation in the election process is not required, choosing to do so contributes to the success of our community. The role now of a rule-abiding member expands to include that of a voting/participating member.  Additionally, when one chooses to serve on community committees or the Board of Directors, we accept another role and become rule-abiding, voting, participating, and contributing members. So, let's all work together at recognizing what roles we can choose to accept in our community to make it the best place to live.
The Refuge POA